The SVG.js docs are built upon Kirby with the KDoc theme.


You'll need:

  • PHP 5.4+
  • Node.js

Getting started

  1. Download or clone the repo and switch to the source-3.0 branch.

  2. Run npm install. This is only required the first time.

  3. Run npm run serve -s which will open up your default browser with the docs running.


Log in to Kirby on localhost:8030/panel using username svgjs and password svgjs.

The text editors in Kirby are Markdown and Kirbytext enabled.

Pull Requests

If you're not a core collaborator on svgdotjs, fork the source-3.0 branch, make the required changes in Kirby following the same style as the rest of the docs, and create a PR. We will take care of the rest, so no need to build or include a static version.

Building the static version

  1. Go to localhost:8030/statify.php in a web browser to run the build. The static files will be generated in a folder called 3.0 at the root of the repo.

  2. Move the 3.0 folder out of the repo.

  3. Commit and push the changes in the source-3.0 branch and switch to the master branch.

  4. Replace the /docs/3.0 folder in the master branch with the newly generated 3.0 folder.

  5. Commit and push the changes in the master branch and you're done!
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